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What We Do?

What we do:

We are a software and web development group with a fresh outlook on design and major attention to details. We have been designing some fascinating projects! Some of our last projects specializing in on-line appointment scheduling and voice broadcasting software as well as other exciting business ideas and are ready to take on your next challenge. Can't handle the load? Outsource some of your work to us.

Software Development

Our professional and highly productive development team can accommodate every aspect of software development on the market today. We work with the latest technologies and provide easy-to-use, efficient designs.

Web Development

Need an interactive web solution? We can do that too. Providing Custom Software Solutions that are efficient and esthetically pleasing is what we do best.


We provide fully custom, effective design solutions that are specifically tailored to your business model. We design it all, banners, logos, print products, and much much more.

Who we are?

EZnet Services Inc. is a software development company that specializes in Online Appointment Scheduling and Voice Broadcasting Software. EZnet Services is owned and operated by Jerry Stabler, who brings more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, and 25 years in the cable television business. The company's flagship project is EZnet Scheduler®, an online appointment scheduling program that makes scheduling fast, easy and affordable. This cloud based appointment scheduling program is fully adaptable to all business applications and customizable for nearly any industry or market niche. EZnet Services Inc. completed the deployment of EZnet Scheduler® in early 2012 and is now expanding its capabilities into voice broadcasting, and other add-on features. EZnet Scheduler® features a robust reminder system, an easy-to-use setup wizard, one-button website integration that allows customers to book appointments right from a website, email marketing export and many other tasks. The scheduler is the only scheduler on the market with voice reminders. It helps customers reduce no-shows, increase revenues, reduce the costs of scheduling activities, and market products or services more effectively. The platform is easily customizable to a wide variety of industries, and the Company has already developed and deployed templates for dozens of company types. The platform is easy to set-up and use even for those with minimal internet or website management skills.

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